Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!!!

A little early I realise but most of the celebrations near us are being held this evening with it being the weekend and all.
I hope you're all enjoying the scary sights that you may see on your travels, more so in the U.S. than here in the UK I guess as the majority of British people don't seem to participate in decorating their houses or go 'trick or treating'. But me, my hubby and our gorgeous girl have been very busy today carving some amazing jack o lanterns. We've not lit them yet but we shall do tonight after we get back from the amazing lantern parade in our local park :0)

Whilst searching the Internet for pumpkin face ideas I came across a picture of painted jack o lanterns and I couldn't resist in having a go myself. He is only partially carved and he is still whole so I can't light him up but I'm very proud of him and I especially enjoyed painting his teeth, cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!! :o)

Now this little fella (or I should say lady as she has big eyelashes and 'rosy' cheeks) was created by my beautiful daughter Izzy, she's just turned 7 and this is her very first attempt at pumpkin carving and I think she has done a marvelous job... I especially love the eyelashes ;O)

A cheeky side view....."what cha lookin at eh"???? grrrrrrr

Now.... this one was made by my husband Col who insists that he has no interest in the likes of arts and craft (yeah right) you can tell by looking at this that he has put his heart and soul into it,... he even researched Jack the Pumpkin Kings face online so he could give it his best shot...(no interest in arts and crafts... who's he kidding??) Good effort I say :o)

The two of us, what a handsome couple we make aaaahhhhhhh.

I hope you like our Jacks and you have a wonderful and 'creepy' evening.

I hope to add some photos from the Lantern Parade from this evening, check back soon :o)

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