Saturday, 22 October 2011

Coffee and work in progress.

I'm such a morning person and I guess I have to be coz more often than not I'm up with the larks or actually way before them, mostly because I'm such a light sleeper and if something wakes me in the early hours then there's no way I'm getting back to sleep unless I'm ultra lucky. When this happens I tend to make my way into the Art Room carefully dodging the creaky floor boards desperately trying not to wake my husband and little girl... But not before I've creeped downstairs and made myself a strong, sweet and creamy coffee, then I'm back up to the art room and ready to paint.

I've recently created this watercolour for a sweet friend of mine Sue. Sue and I are old college buddies and she's one of my biggest fans when it comes to my art works, which is wonderful as she's always full of compliments for me which of course makes me feel GREAT!!

Most of the times that Sue and I meet up we have coffee in either her house or mine and usually there's a cake or chocolate pile near by in which we will always over indulge... It would be rude not to, eh?

So, as I have a tendancy to paint girls with 'things' on their heads I figured that as this painting was for Sue a coffee cup would be an appropriate 'thing' for this girls head. And so there we have it, my painting for Sue and I'm pleased to say she loves it and as soon as I gave it to her she put it in a beautiful wooden frame and it looks great :0)

Hope you like to see the progress pictures as I love to see them on other blogs.

Back soon xxx


  1. I love seeing work in progress piccies too, I am always too forgetful/lazy to make any of my own though ;o)

    This is a fab painting and I bet your friend adores her!!

  2. ah you're so sweet, I loved painting this one and yes Sue loves her which thrills me. Apart from my gorgeous little girl Sue is the biggest fan of my art :o) I don't always have my camera charged up so I don't always get round to taking pics of my work while I'm in the middle of it but it's easier now I use my phone to take pics and I even blog on my phone now too ;o)