Sunday, 23 October 2011

Glow draw for fun

So I'm laying in bed at 6am with a banging headache, can't get back to sleep so what do I do?? "Get up and go downstairs for some paracetamol" I hear you say... No, not me, I doodle on my phone instead.. No doubt making this headache of mine even worse but when the bug bites :0)

It's tricky to draw intricate details with chubby fingers and your flowers end up looking like spaghetti and meatballs but it's fun all the same. Here are my best efforts from this morning.. All in the name of fun.

My fave is 'towit towooo' of course :0)

Back soon xxx


  1. Thanks Lorraine, I used a phone app, and it's tricky to draw with your fingers but fun to see how they turn out :o) x

  2. I found you through Micki at The Secret Hermit - loving your art! And I would totally doodle on my phone if I had a headache. :)

  3. hi Michele, thanks for stopping by, it's lovely to have you here. Micki is great isn't she?
    :o) x

  4. Fun! Reminds me of Light Bright...remember those?