Friday, 29 May 2009

Custom Paintings coming soon

3 posts in 1 day, my goodness!!

As a scrapbooker I love using photographs in my work, whether it be a page for my scrapbook or a little canvas with Izzys photo on it that's been altered and scrapped upon, I love to use photos. I love to create 'photo cards' for family members too, they're so much fun. I use photos a lot in my work and very soon I'll be offering to create family portraits to my customers on Etsy, by using the same process as I would when creating my own family portraits.

I also collect beautiful vintage photos & emphera, I've been drawn to anything old and tatty for a very long time, even when I was a kid I'd find beauty in old bits of metal and junk I'd see on the street whilst playing out with friends. I can remember picking up a really interesting piece one day... I placed it in my pocket, thrilled to have found another piece of 'treasure' to add to my collection, and later, as I put my hand in my pocket to take it out I felt a terrible sting in my finger...then the blood came,.. i had picked up an old razor blade, ouch. I was very young at the time and had no idea what a razor blade was, I just thought I had found 'treasure'!
I now stick to mainly 'paper treasure', less danger of severe blood loss that way lol.
I don't think either of the paintings above are finished, although I'm not sure what I will add to them yet. The 2nd picture of the two features me, and I'll be using this painting as a sample of my Custom Paintings at the fairs and on Etsy.
I have more samples to complete, to show variations in colours and styles.
More on that later.
Thanks for stopping by
xx jo xx

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