Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Art Prints now available

I am sooooo thrilled to finally be able to offer my artworks as prints. I've been researching printers for months and I was blown away by how many there are available, this made the choice of buying one very difficult..there were too many to choose from!

I finally decided on a Epson Photo printer which prints off beautiful quality images which will last for generations. The inks and paper work together wonderfully. The prints are bright and vivid, and just what I wanted.

Prints available to buy now in my Etsy shop. http://artbyjojo.etsy.com


  1. hi, there! i know you from youtube...great to connect with you here and on etsy! take care!

  2. Your art is so pretty! I love the house one :) I follow you on youtube and now I am following on blogger. I was wondering, could you do the same? Oh, I am going to add to to my etsy fav sellers list too :D Have a good day and keep up the good work

  3. Hi Jo,
    It's me Ginny your friend from You Tube.
    Your art work is fabulous and I am going to keep in touch with you here. My blog is:
    Ginny :))))

  4. like to know how you get on with selling prints, have been thinking along similar lines for a while. So far have only been selling original art on Ebay - a very "un-worthwhile" outlet for art sales