Friday, 29 May 2009

collage ladies

I've tried something different lately, different techniques, ...different for me anyway. I bought a fabulous book recently called 'taking flight' by Kelly Rae Roberts (I love her work). Kellys book is full of 'inspiration & techniques' and it gave me a push to try something a little different. I have 'hundreds & hundreds' of pieces scrapbook paper, ALL totally gorgeous, and I'm finally able to put them to good use. I'm usually 'terrified' to cut into a brand new 12 x 12, I never want to use it as I'd 'spoil' it but you know what?.. I just went for it and it felt great, lol. I have plenty of scraps of paper too as I never throw 'anything' away, nothing is wasted, so my supplies for my latest projects are never ending, I could collage every day for a year and I'd still be left with tons of my beautiful scrapbook papers, ah what joy xxx
I'm holding a stall at a couple of school fairs in the coming weeks and I plan on taking these paintings with me, and whatever does'nt sell, I will add to my Etsy shop.
The little fingers that you see holding the paintings belong to my sweet little girl Isobella. We have started a collage together which will become my 'work in progress' for my next blog entry.


  1. Hi! I loved Kelly Rae's book too. It inspired me so much. Your art work is beautiful. I love your use of colours.

    Michelle :)

  2. Hi Jo,

    I LOVE your art. I came across you and the gorgeously divine 'Izzy' on you tube several eves ago and feel like I've become your stalker because I tried to find your work on Etsy but had little success so I'm so happy I've come across your blog and can access it via the link on here. Your work is lovely, you are a very talented lady - I loved your collaboration with Ginnykaren (is that right?) I was very envious of your beautiful package from America. Wish I was as creative and talented. I'm absolutely loving that I covet the work of a local girl too!! Thanks to you and Izzy. xx