Monday, 1 February 2010

Work in Progress

This is the beginning of a painting of a Mother and her new baby. This painting was influenced by myself and my daughter Izzy, who is now 5 years old, it seems like just yesterday when she was born... time goes too fast!!
I recycled some extra heavy weight, white, card board that must have been part of packaging for something...maybe from one of the toys that Santa brought to Izzy at Christmas?
I began by adding layers of paint in various colours allowing each one to dry before applying the next..I love the effect of this.
Below you'll see a close up of the drawing and I've already begun to add skin tones.
Below: More skin tones are added, going from dark to light.

Below: Quite a big jump from the last image. By using a paint that is quite translucent, like a hue, you can still see those lovely layers of paint beneath the yellow dress.

I did love the babys blanket shown above but decided to go with white blanket and I love the way it turned out as you can still see some colour and texture beneath the white paint.

And now the finished painting....
I added stamped images to the background using my white stazon ink pad.


More from me soon!!

Until then, Happy Monday :O)


  1. Love seeing your step by step process, thanks for sharing!
    Micki x

  2. Hi Micki, thanks :o) I hope you're having a good day x