Tuesday, 11 August 2009

New Paintings

I've been painting on and off over the past couple of months, and also we've began to re-decorate the house...this is taking a lot of my spare time up, well, my Husband is doing most of the DIY but I'm the one who is 'trying' to organise the huge amount of hoarded treasure, or junk as my Husband calls it, lol. Our house looks more like a scrap yard than it does a home at the moment :o(
I have another art market coming up this weekend, and also I'm in the middle of a commission painting, photos will be added once it's finished.
The photos here are of some paintings for my next art market and Etsy store.
I've finished with the Travelling painting and I'll be sending it on to a guy in Ireland in the next week or so. More info. on the Travelling painting will be coming shortly, if you want to take part then give me a shout and I shall give you the link to add yourself to the list on youtube, you don't have to be an artist to participate by the way.
It's almost 1am here right now so time to hit the hay :o)

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  1. LOOOOOOVE your work. Your girls are so very beautiful. Today I have been trawlng blog land and I have been so inspired to come across blogs like yours. Keep living the Kre8ive Life. What an ispiration. My favourite is your 'Dream' girl. Just divine.